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In the past, we’ve written about thebest-used car websites for buyers(along with how to bookcar transportafter completing a sale), but buyers are only one half of the equation. Sellersflock to used car websites, too!But,as you might imagine, their needs are quite different. In this post, we review the top 13 sites for buying and selling used cars and then talk a bit about how sellers and buyers thousands of miles apart complete thesesales.

But let’s step back. You may have found this post because you have a car to sell and you’re wondering where to sell it. These days, there are tons of websites where you can list a car for sale, and so finding the best-used car website can be tricky. Here are some of our favorite used car websites for sellers, along with some other sites where sellers can unload cars and trucks quickly.

This site is still the gold standard for auto sales because they syndicate their listings so widely, and they have a huge inventory. When you sell a car on — whether you choose the free listing option or one of the paid options — your listing maybe syndicated on their other properties (,, and on the sites of affiliates. They also offer sellers the option of making quick sales to dealers, so if you need to move your vehicle fast, you can.

Why do some people opt to make quicker dealer sales when it usually means selling for less? While the site’s huge inventory is an obvious pro for buyers, it can be adrawbackfor sellers. Unless you have amazing photos of your car or truck or you’re selling a model that’s in high demand, you may find it tough to make your listing stand out from the crowd.


Buyers likeAutoTraderbecause the advanced search tools make it easy to find very specific models and option packages. Sellers like the fact that some listing packages come with a money-back guarantee (no sale, no charge) and listings are syndicatedon Kelley Blue Book. There’s also the option to sell to a dealership for a faster sale oreven to get an instant cash offer on the site. Again, if a speedy sale is more important to you than getting top dollar,AutoTraderis one of the sites that make it easy to unload a vehicle fast.

eBay Motors

Once upon a time, most people would have found the idea of buying a car on eBaypretty shocking, but nowadays it happens all the time. If you’re already familiar with how selling on eBay works and/or you want tosell your car locally (which some people do because they don’t have to help a faraway buyer coordinatecar transport), then selling your vehicle on eBay Motors might be a great option for you.

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Setting up listings is simple. Local listings are free and national listings are just $60-$125and,according to eBay, most cars and trucks sell relatively quickly. Are there downsides to listing on eBay? The biggestdownsidemay be that bids are non-binding, so a buyer can back out for any reason at any point in the process.

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Hemmingsis where buyers who are looking specifically for classic and collector cars go to buy.Soif that’s what you’re selling,this site iswhere you want to be. Hemmings is super popular with classic car enthusiasts, and they’re not kidding when they say a listing (which will be published online and in print in Hemmings Motor News) can reach millions of buyers. The best part is that these buyers love cars and usually know exactly what they want. If you’re selling, say, a 1963 Chevy Impala, you’ll attract buyers who love that car as much as you do and understandhow classiccar transportworks.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re most interested in selling locally, Facebook Marketplace is a good place to start because let’s face it…everyone is on Facebook and a lot of people look at those Marketplace posts.If youalreadyhave a Facebook account, you’re halfwayto posting your vehicle, as that is the only prerequisite for creating a listing. The biggestadvantagesof using Facebook Marketplace to sell a car are that the listings arefreeand you can take a peek at potential buyers’ Facebook profiles to check if they’relegit. The biggestflaw? As with all online marketplaces, there are more than a few flakes.


This is another site that lets sellers create listings for free, though be aware that if you sell your vehicle via the listing, you’ll be charged $99 regardless of the purchase price. There are lots of buyers on the site — 20 million per month — because ofa feature unique to CarGurus (that not all sellers like). Every listing is assigned a deal rating that can range from great to overpriced, so if you’re trying to get top dollar for your ride and you’re not willing to adjust your price, this might not be the best place to post your listing.


Traditionally a site for buyers, TrueCar’s mission is to put some transparency back in the buying process. They analyze timely and comprehensive pricing information from dealers and then publish it in an easy to understand format. Armed with that data, buyers can approach TrueCar Certified Dealers with confidence, knowing they have what they need to get a great price. But TrueCar is also a resource for sellers looking to unload vehicles fast. Their True Cash Offer process iseasyand you can get an offer right on their website that you can cash out at a Certified Dealer.


The big,obvious benefit of selling a car on Craigslist is that you can create a hyper-local, photo-rich listing for free and make a no-stress sale without having to worry about coordinatingcar transportwith a faraway buyer. That said,selling your car or truck may take longer because you’re not putting it in front of a nationwide audience of buyers. It’s up to you whether the convenience of selling locally is worth waiting for.


Buyers who want to be able to search listings from around the U.S. but don’t want to deal with setting upcar transportlike Carvana because the site delivers.What’s great is that buyersalsohave the option topick up vehicles in one of the company’scar vending machines. Sellers also like Carvana, which like many of the sites above, buys cars and trucks. If you sell to Carvana, the process is fast and easy,and they’ll come with a truck to hand offa checkand cart your vehicle away.

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This is another niche buying and selling site for auto enthusiasts. On it, buyers find everything from souped-up sports cars to rare antiques. It’s an auction site, but buyers pay most of the fees while sellers just pay a single $99 fee for the listing. If you’re selling a vintage vehicle or something special, there are some good reasons to choose this site. First, it gets a lot of traffic, and second, that trafficismostly made up of passionate people who are actively looking to buy.


This is another one of thecarsbuying sites that has made spending weekends browsing dealerships a thing of the past. Much like Carvana, the company sells cars right on its website and delivers the cars it sells anywhere in the U.S. It also caters to sellers looking for that quick sale. You tell them about your car or truck, they make an offer in 30 minutes or less, and if you accept that offer, they’ll come to pick up your vehicle and pay you for it via a direct deposit.


CarMaxis yet another website that will give you a real offer, in writing,for your vehicleonline.Actuallycompletinga sale with CarMax, however,will require you to go to one of their stores for an in-person appraisal of your vehicle. As is the case with almost all the sites that buy cars, you’ll probably get less for your ride than you would if you sold it to a person.But the upside is that you will leave CarMax with a check in hand, and they’ll be the ones handling all the necessary paperwork.


Buyers likeAutoTempestbecause it aggregates listings from sites likeCarSoup, eBay Motors, andCarsDirect, so they have a lot of vehicles to choose from when shopping. When you’re onAutoTempest, you’ll see the optionto sell your car but when you click on it, you’ll be taken to their partner site, That might seemlike a bait-and-switch, but, don’t worry, it isn’t.If youcreate a listing on or one of the other sites listed on theAutoTempesthomepage, your car willappear for sale onAutoTempest, too.

Car TransportAfter an Online Sale

Long-distance car buying is more popular than ever, but a lot of people still choose to sell their used cars locally, so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of completing a sale with an out-of-town buyer and then coordinatingcar transport. The fact is, however, that it’sactually prettyeasy to get your old car to its new home.AndMontwaycan help. We have more than 13 years of experience in the auto shipping industry and know how to get your old car to its new home easily and efficiently.

If you’re not sure whether you want to show your used car listing to private buyers outsideof your state, know that inthe vast majority ofsales, it is the buyer who will take care ofcar shipping. You’ll have to be present when the vehicle is inspected and picked up, butthat’s where your responsibility will end.

As you might have gathered after reading through our list of the best used car websites for sellers, it’s even easier if you’re selling to a dealer. They’ll have their own carriers or auto transport companies they contractwith andwill come and pick up your car without you having to do anything more than hand over the keys. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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What is the best site for private car sales? ›

Autotrader tops our list as the best overall used car site as the most recognized car buying and selling online auto marketplace. Its huge volume of listings and advanced search tool make it the go-to place to buy and sell a car.

What is the most reliable auto transport company? ›

Top Car Shipping Companies
Car Shipping CompanyOur RatingBetter Business Bureau (BBB) Customer Rating
1. Montway Auto Transport9.24.6 / 5.0
2. Sherpa Auto Transport9.04.9 / 5.0
3. AmeriFreight9.04.9 / 5.0
4. Easy Auto Ship8.94.6 / 5.0
1 more row
Jul 25, 2022

What is the cheapest company to ship your car? ›

Which auto transport companies offer cheap car shipping? Companies like AmeriFreight, Ship a Car Direct, and Montway Auto Transport offer cheap car shipping. The average cost of auto transport with these companies is $960—or $180 less expensive than the competition.

Is Autotrader free to sell? ›

Best place to sell online for free

On Auto Trader, you can add up to 100 images to your advert to provide a detailed and complete picture of your car.

What is the safest method of payment when selling a car? ›

Cash is still the safest and most preferable form of payment when selling a car, especially at a reasonable amount. Remember to check for authenticity and do count out the money in the presence of the car buyer. If the conditions allow, let the buyer pay you at your bank.

How many miles is too much for a used car? ›

Often, 100,000 miles is considered a cut-off point for used cars because older vehicles often start requiring more expensive and frequent maintenance when mileage exceeds 100,000.

Can Carvana be trusted? ›

Is Carvana legit? Carvana can be an excellent choice if you want to avoid visiting multiple dealerships or haggling over price. The company's online listings make the process straightforward and quick. Carvana provides delivery and pickup options, and it offers financing options for nearly anyone.

How many miles is good for a used car? ›

There's no absolute number of miles that is too many for a used car. But consider 200,000 as an upper limit, a threshold where even modern cars begin to succumb to the years of wear and tear.

What is the number 1 auto transport company in the US? ›

#1 Montway Auto Transport: Best Overall

The company works with over 15,000 carriers across the nation and can ship a car to any state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I choose an auto transport company? ›

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Auto Transport Company
  1. Check Whether the Company Is Insured and Bonded.
  2. Check Customer's Reviews and Ratings.
  3. Companies That Demand Wire Transfer Payments Are Not Reliable.
  4. Ensure That the Company Is Registered.
  5. Check the Shipping Cost.
  6. Inquire About the Cancelation Policy of the Company.
Jan 28, 2021

How do I know if a transport company is legit? ›

Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, Facebook, and Transport Reviews. It's also worth checking the company's standing with the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA). In particular, check the company has any complaints filed against it.

Can you put stuff in car when shipping? ›

Yes, you can transport boxes in your vehicle when in shipment. Most carriers will give a 50lb max of any additonal items in the vehicle for weight purposes going through weigh stations etc. Carriers will ask for the boxes to be either tapped up and sealed of in the trunk for safety and security of your items.

Is Easy auto ship legit? ›

Is Easy Auto Ship legit? Easy Auto Ship is a highly rated car shipping company with good customer service reviews and an A+ rating from the BBB. Customers often mention affordable prices and solid service in their reviews, although the company lacks features offered by some of its shipping industry competitors.

How does auto shipping work? ›

Shipping your car is a fairly simple transaction that shouldn't require mountains of paperwork. The most important document is the bill of lading, a receipt for what's been loaded onto the carrier. This document records your vehicle's condition before and after the move and acts as proof that your car was delivered.

How long does Autotrader take to process? ›

Your review will go through various moderation checks before being published. We aim to process all reviews within 48 hours. There's no need to wait around, we'll send you email confirmation once your review has been processed.

How easy is it to sell a car on Autotrader? ›

Part exchange is a quick, easy and instant process. Give us your reg plate and mileage and we'll send an accurate market value (we update them daily) to a dealership and to you. If you're happy, you can then get in touch to arrange trading your old car in. Then there's Instant Offer.

Is Gumtree free to sell? ›

It's free for private sellers to post ads in the “for sale” section on Gumtree so there's plenty of money to made for sellers and bargains to be found for buyers! Whether you're looking to snap up a bargain, or to sell your unwanted items without having to pay listing fees, then Gumtree could be the place for you.

How do you avoid getting scammed when selling a car? ›

Tips for avoiding scams when buying a car
  1. Always have the car inspected. After you test drive the car yourself, get it inspected by a mechanic you trust. ...
  2. Don't trust sellers who say the online marketplace guarantees the sale. ...
  3. Check for liens on the vehicle. ...
  4. Perform a vehicle history check.

What is the safest way to receive payment? ›

What Are the Most Secure Payment Methods?
  • Payment Apps. Mobile payment apps are designed to free you from cash and credit cards by allowing you to digitally transfer funds to family, friends, or merchants. ...
  • EMV-Enabled Credit Cards. ...
  • Bank Checks. ...
  • Cash. ...
  • Gift Cards. ...
  • Stay Protected.
Nov 16, 2020

What is the best way to accept payment for a used car? ›

Any type of payment is safer to accept at a familiar bank in your area. Accepting payments in a bank not only keeps you safe from attempting theft, but also provides a convenient location to verify a check is legitimate. Cash or checks can be immediately deposited for peace of mind all around.

How many miles should a 10 year old car have? ›

A wary buyer should use as a general rule of thumb that most cars are driven 12,000-15,000 miles per year. If a vehicle is 10 years of age, it should have between 120,000 miles and 150,000 miles on the odometer.

Is a 10 year old car too old? ›

A 10-year-old car or a vehicle with over 200,000 miles is already considered an old car. The lifespan of a car is usually considered to be nine years.

What is the downside of Carvana? ›

Cons for using Carvana

The prices of cars may be on the higher side compared to private party sales or other used car dealers. No opportunity to test drive the car upon delivery. Buyers might not see certain features or damage from the online pictures alone.

Does Carvana pay what they quote? ›

For those of you that don't know what that is, it's when your car's value is less than the amount you still owe on the car. If you have negative equity, then Carvana will offer to help you trade in your current vehicle for a new one, then help you pay off your new car loan by up to $2,500.

What kind of check does Carvana give you? ›

If I sell my car to Carvana, how and when will I be paid? We will provide you with a physical check when you hand over your vehicle to us at the time of pick-up or drop-off.

What age is best to buy used car? ›

All in all, the best age to buy a used car is around the 5-year mark, as this minimizes depreciation and maximises reliability for the price you'll pay, meaning you're less likely to have any problems or need to pay any more money for later on which is a common problem with really cheap or much older vehicles.

How many miles before a car dies? ›

Consumer Reports ( says the average life expectancy of a new vehicle these days is around 8 years or 150,000 miles. Of course, some well-built vehicles can go 15 years and 300,000, if properly maintained.

How much is too much for a car? ›

Financial experts say to not spend more than 35% of your annual income on the car itself and the costs that come with your purchase. Below you'll find a breakdown of what to consider when buying a new or used car and how much you should spend.

What should I watch for when shipping a car? ›

10 Things to Know Before Shipping a Car
  • It is risky depending on your method of shipment. ...
  • Reading reviews is not a waste of time. ...
  • Beware of auto transport brokers. ...
  • Never give a deposit. ...
  • Never base your decision on price alone. ...
  • Be aware of insurance policies. ...
  • Make your scheduling needs known. ...
  • Preparing your car for transport.

Is American auto transport legit? ›

If you want to use a quality, legitimate company to ship your car, use American Auto Shipping. We are fully licensed and bonded and work only with top-rated, licensed, and insured carriers. You can get a free quote to ship your vehicle any time via our online quote form.

Is AmeriFreight a good car shipping company? ›

AmeriFreight is a reputable car shipping company with many positive reviews from customers. The company holds an A+ rating from the BBB with a customer rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.0.

Is it worth it to ship a car? ›

Is it cheaper to ship your car or drive it? It's cheaper to drive your car than to ship it. On average, it costs about $180 less to drive yourself ($530) than to hire a professional auto transport company ($710).

Is Sherpa auto transport a broker? ›

Sherpa Auto Transport is a car shipping broker with a reputation for providing transparent pricing and reliable customer service.

Is Sgt auto transport legit? ›

Yes, SGT Auto Transport is a legitimate, licensed, insured auto transport broker and is trusted by many car shipping customers. The company was established in 2014 and has an A rating from the BBB.

Is get carrier auto transport legit? ›

GetCarrier Auto Transport Reviews. Overall reviews for GetCarrier are quite good. 93% of the over 1,000 reviewers on Trustpilot give GetCarrier an excellent rating, which translates to a 4.8 out of 5 star score.

Is ShipLux a good company? ›

Is ShipLux a reputable company? Yes, ShipLux is a reputable company that connects customers with carriers for vehicle shipping. It has an A- rating from the BBB, along with an average customer review rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars on the BBB website.

Is ShipLux legit? ›

The BBB gives ShipLux an A- rating, indicating that it's a reputable company. Customer reviews on the BBB's website give ShipLux an average of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. Is ShipLux a broker? ShipLux is a fully licensed auto transport broker.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle across the US? ›

The industry average cost to ship a car with an auto transport company is upwards of $2.00 per mile for journeys less than 200 miles.
The Average Cost to Ship a Car.
Average Cost$1,650 at the national average rate
Highest Cost$2,100 for an enclosed carrier, rush
Lowest Cost$1,200 for an open carrier, no rush
Feb 16, 2022

Can I put stuff in my car when I ship it Reddit? ›

Carriers have strict weight restrictions they have to follow, and too many vehicles with too much weight can push a carrier overweight. Any items put in a vehicle have to be in the trunk and you cannot have over 100 pounds of items total in the vehicle.

Should I use uShip? ›

In general, uShip has positive ratings and customer reviews. On the BBB website, uShip reviews from customers give the marketplace a nearly 4.6 out of 5.0-star rating. uShip also has an A+ rating from the BBB itself. On Trustpilot, over 10,000 uShip reviews give the platform 4.4 stars out of 5.0 overall.

Can I ship my car to Florida? ›

Florida is home to multiple major auto shipping hubs like Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. But it's more than just the fact it's popular with customers. It's also popular with carriers. Auto transporters love Florida due to its popularity, but also because it's relatively easy to get around.

Can I ship my car to California? ›

The best way to transport a car to California from another state is to use uShip. By using uShip to ship your car, you eliminate the stress of driving it yourself.

Is Vroom legit to sell a car? ›

Vroom maintains its own inventory of vehicles, which it acquires from customer trade-ins, auctions, dealers and rental car fleets. Its vehicles undergo inspection and reconditioning to ensure they are safe to sell. Additionally, every Vroom vehicle comes with a 90-day limited warranty and a year of roadside assistance.

What is the difference between Carvana and vroom? ›

Vroom charges a delivery fee for the car based on the distance between your location and the car. Delivery fees are disclosed when you select a vehicle, and they are nonrefundable. Meanwhile, Carvana will deliver the car to your house free of charge if you live within one of its local markets.

Can you negotiate with CarMax when selling a car? ›

CarMax advertises “no-haggle” pricing, and it does not offer price matching or negotiation on any car purchases, sales or trade-ins. Does CarMax financing require a down payment?

How do I sell a used car in Florida? ›

How To Sell A Car In Florida
  1. Pay Off Your Lien To Keep Your Title Clean. Before you sell your vehicle, you'll need to have a clean title with no lien. ...
  2. Obtain A VIN Inspection. ...
  3. Apply For A Temporary Tag. ...
  4. Transfer The Title. ...
  5. Complete The Notice Of Sale. ...
  6. Remove The Plates. ...
  7. Advertise Legally. ...
  8. Selling A Junk Car In Florida.
Mar 4, 2021

Can Carvana be trusted? ›

Is Carvana legit? Carvana can be an excellent choice if you want to avoid visiting multiple dealerships or haggling over price. The company's online listings make the process straightforward and quick. Carvana provides delivery and pickup options, and it offers financing options for nearly anyone.

How long is a Carvana offer good for? ›

That's right. Your offer is not only real, it's good for 7 days. Simply enter your car's VIN, answer a few questions, and get a real offer in minutes.

What happens when Vroom picks up your car? ›

Schedule Pick Up.

Once you accept the offer, you can schedule for Vroom to pick up your vehicle. Pickup is free and possible within the continental US. Upon picking up your vehicle, they will give you the payment.

What is the downside of Carvana? ›

Cons for using Carvana

The prices of cars may be on the higher side compared to private party sales or other used car dealers. No opportunity to test drive the car upon delivery. Buyers might not see certain features or damage from the online pictures alone.

Who pays more for cars Carvana or Vroom? ›

Average winning bid amount. Overall, Vroom also offers, on average, higher winning bids, meaning they are more likely to pay a higher price by bidding on more expensive vehicles than Carvana is. Vroom's average winning bid is $1,880, while Carvana has an average winning bid of $1,218.

Who is better CarMax or Carvana? ›

Carvana is a better option if you look for convenience and ease of use in your purchases and trades. On the other hand, CarMax is ideal for people who want to test drive the car beforehand and who do not mind going to their nearest CarMax location to do it.

Does CarMax give you more than trade-in value? ›

When a used car is sold by a dealership, it is always priced at its retail value. However, if you sell your car to a dealer like Carmax or Carvana or trade it in on another vehicle, you will receive its wholesale value, which is always lower. Wholesale values and trade-in values are essentially the same thing.

Should you clean your car before trading it in? ›

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your trade-in before you go to sell your car: Clean the thing, inside and out. For the exterior, give it a thorough wash and a fresh coat of wax. On the inside, get rid of your personal items and vacuum the entire cabin.

Does CarMax buy cars with over 100 000 miles? ›

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. CarMax does buy vehicles with over 100,000 miles on them. Generally, they do not buy these vehicles for resale, they are usually auctioned off or sold for parts.

Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, American Auto Shipping, and SGT Auto Transport are the best car shipping companies of 2022.

COMPANIES REVIEWED1,000+. Car Shipping Company Reviews. American Auto Shipping offers three pickup options:. How Much Does Easy Auto Ship Auto Transport Cost?. Also referred to as car shipping or vehicle shipping, auto transportation is a service provided by auto transport companies that helps people move their vehicles from one place to another on a carrier designed to ship vehicles.. While most US vehicles are cars and pickup trucks, many other vehicle types are also shipped.. Montway Auto Transport : Best Overall Easy Auto Ship : Best Added Benefits Sherpa Auto Transport : Best for Locked-In Rates AmeriFreight : Best for Discounts uShip : Best Shipping Marketplace. After a thorough review of the car shipping industry, we found that Montway Auto Transport is the best company to transport a car with.. Also referred to as “car shipping” or “vehicle shipping”, auto transportation is a service provided by auto transport companies that helps people move their vehicles from one place to another on a carrier designed to ship vehicles.. Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, American Auto Shipping, and SGT Auto Transport are the best car shipping companies of 2022.

Private transport companies prove instrumental in automobile movement, and the best ones offer affordable, safe, and customer-centric services.

Moved by private car transport, these vehicles went to more than 16,741 new-car dealerships.. We also made sure that the car shipping companies on this list were bonded and insured.. But again, you’ll want to review each company’s insurance documents to make sure you feel comfortable with the coverage they offer.. Hands down, the best all-around auto transport company on our list is Nexus Auto Transport.. Enclosed auto shipping. Classic car auto shipping. However, when you choose Nexus Auto Transport, you work with a trusted auto shipping provider rather than a front for brokers.. Like Nexus Auto Transport, KTK Transport specializes in auto shipping.. They offer door-to-door services, and insurance is included in all pricing.. It doesn’t offer instant online quotes like Nexus Auto Transport, and West Coast Auto Transport only offers open trailers.. Umbrella Auto Transport offers vehicle tracking as well as expedited and enclosed services.. Starway Logistics provides better service than many private car transport companies, and it has the customer reviews to prove it.. If you’re looking for private car transport companies with serious experience, All America Auto Transport’s your best bet.. As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to finding the best private car transport company for your needs.

Our list of the best car shipping companies in 2022 starts with Montway Auto Transport as "Best Overall." See which other providers made the list.

Listen to this articleThe best car shipping companies in 2022 are #1 Montway Auto Transport (Best Overall), #2 Sherpa Auto Transport, #3 AmeriFreight, #4 Easy Auto Ship, #5 SGT Auto Transport, and #6 American Auto Shipping.. Insurance: All auto carriers insured, with additional guaranteed asset protection insurance, or gap coverage, available for a fee Door-to-door delivery: Available Extras: Expedited delivery Transportation services: Open transport carriers or enclosed car shipping. Easy Auto Ship ProsEasy Auto Ship ConsA+ rating and accreditation from the BBBMore complaints than other top car shipping companiesRelatively low shipping pricesInstant online quotes. While auto shipping rates fluctuate based on a number of factors, Easy Auto Ship can find customers some of the lowest prices among the car shipping companies we’ve reviewed.. In our research, we found Easy Auto Ship's rates to be comparable to the average cost in the car shipping industry.. You can get a rough idea of how much your shipment will cost with Easy Auto Ship by using the company's domestic and international car shipping cost calculator on its website.. SGT Auto Transport has many strengths as a car transporter, but one of the main reasons it made our list of the best car shipping companies is the wealth of shipping options it offers.. Online car purchase transport: If you buy a car online that's not near you, SGT can arrange to ship that car to you.. The company offers a diverse set of shipping services, such as car shipments to Hawaii, auto auction transport, and even heavy equipment shipping.. Transport by train: A unique feature in the car shipping industry, American Auto Shipping can help you coordinate auto transport by train.. We also found open car transport is the most popular way to ship a car, which makes sense since it's usually the most economical shipping option.. We rated Montway Auto Transport as the best overall car shipping company, but each of the other providers on this list is worthy of your attention.. Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, Easy Auto Ship, SGT Auto Transport, and American Auto Shipping all scored almost as high in our study and offer reliable service and competitive pricing.

We rate Montway Auto Transport 4.6 out of 5.0 and name it Best Overall in 2022 for car shipping. Find out why Montway reviews so highly from customers here.

Listen to this articleMontway Auto Transport is an auto shipping broker that connects customers with shipping services and works with over 15,000 carriers across the United States.. We gave Montway Auto Transport 4.6 out of 5.0 stars and named it the Best Overall car shipping company in 2022.. We believe the broker offers relatively low shipping rates anywhere in the U.S., and many positive Montway Auto Transport reviews support that finding.. Montway Auto Transport is a well-established auto shipping broker with over 15 years of experience.. In Montway Auto Transport reviews, many customers mention live chat as a standout feature of the company's shipping process.. Montway quoted our team $979 to ship a Toyota RAV4 1,500 miles from Los Angeles to Houston, and this is cheaper than the average rate of $1,056 across 13 major car shipping companies for that same route.. To give you an idea of what it might cost to ship your car with Montway Auto Transport, we reached out for quotes on two vehicle sizes.. Unlike Montway Auto Transport and uShip, Sherpa Auto Transport offers locked-in pricing, meaning Sherpa guarantees quoted prices and will pay the difference if a shipper charges more.

Want to find out more about Montway’s auto transport services that are available nationwide? Get info on starting costs, insurance add-ons and more here.

Original review: April 24, 2022The only thing that was different was I wasn't sure on the timing.. Originally, they said they would come to the house to pick it up, but the driver called me an hour before the pickup and said, "Hey, can you come meet me at this Walmart?". She gave me a quote and told me the parameters that they work with like, “We reach out to a driver.. Then after that, Montway called me just to confirm that everything was good.. Original review: Jan. 5, 2022I found Montway easy to work with.. The driver was professional, got the car off the truck.. It’s a 2015 car.. We are happy to hear Montway was easy to work with and you had a great experience with our representative.. Even when I didn't respond because my timeline was shifting and I was telling the rep that I haven't decided because there were a lot of things I had to take care of, like logistics, making sure my personal stuff was being shipped to the mainland, they were patient.. At 2 pm my daughter phoned me from home and told me that a person from Miller's Towing came and told her that the carrier sent him to pick up the car because they could not enter the residential area and that the carrier will transport the car to CA on Aug 3rd in the morning.

February 12, 2020

There are a lot of good vehicle transportation companies around the market.. However, these BBB accredited companies work for the job.. You can check on certain BBB best rated auto transport companies to look out for the best fit.. Unlike most other companies, Ship a Direct Car offers its customer with total transparency and provides a rough price range for all your vehicle shipments without the need of any email addresses.. With ship a car this transparency is possible without the need of any other personal information as well.. The BBB accredited company is a better place for people who wish to secure their private information without getting unnecessary alerts for marketing.. There are a lot of good vehicle transportation companies around the market.. However, these BBB accredited companies work for the job.. You can check on certain BBB best rated auto transport companies to look out for the best fit.. Unlike most other companies, Ship a Direct Car offers its customer with total transparency and provides a rough price range for all your vehicle shipments without the need of any email addresses.. With ship a car this transparency is possible without the need of any other personal information as well.. The BBB accredited company is a better place for people who wish to secure their private information without getting unnecessary alerts for marketing.

From our research team’s thorough study, we rate Montway Auto Transport 4.6 out of 5.0 stars and give it the award of Best Overall for the shipping industry.

COMPANIES REVIEWED1,000+. REVIEWS ANALYZED There’s a lot to like about this shipping provider, according to Montway Auto Transport reviews.. For these reasons, we name Montway Auto Transport the Best Overall auto shipping company of 2022.. According to Montway Auto Transport reviews, you’re likely to find some of the lowest car shipping rates through Montway.. $1.96 per mile for distances under 500 miles 93 cents per mile for distances of 500 to 1,500 miles 58 cents per mile for distances longer than 1,500 miles. To save money during the shipping process, Montway Auto Transport reviews recommend moving your vehicle via open transport instead of enclosed trailers.. The company has a 4.6 out of 5.0-star rating from BBB customer reviews.. Positive Montway Auto Transport reviews praise the company for its considerate drivers, quick delivery times, and low overall vehicle shipping cost.. Other reviewers find less to like about Montway Auto Transport services.. We reviewed Montway Auto Transport and rated it a 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.. Especially if it is your first time shipping a vehicle, we suggest getting online quotes from two other top-rated providers, Easy Auto Ship and Sherpa Auto Transport.. Easy Auto Ship: 4.3 Stars If one company can compete with Montway Auto Transport for low prices, it’s Easy Auto Ship.. In our review of the best auto shipping companies, we name Sherpa Auto Transport as the Best for Locked-In Rates.. While the car shipper often offers slightly higher initial prices than its competitors, the Price Lock Promise ensures that your costs stay relatively low overall.. As with most auto transportation companies, Montway Auto Transport is a broker.

Should you ship your car with Montway Auto Transport? Find out what Montway Auto Transport reviews have to say about the company to see if it’s the right fit.

Shipped over 140,000 vehicles in 2020. Like many car shipping companies, Montway Auto Transport offers free car shipping quotes to potential customers.. Montway Auto Transport is a registered auto broker that vets each carrier it works with to ensure customers receive great service throughout the shipping process.Montway Auto Transport reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) give it an A+ rating, a 4.6 out of 5.0 star customer review score and full accreditation.. So how much does car shipping cost with Montway Auto Transport?. However, you’ll pay more overall for longer distances.. Montway Auto Transport Services. We rated Montway Auto Transport a 9.0/10 and named it the Best Provider overall.. Sherpa Auto Transport: Locked-In Pricing Most car shipping companies provide instant estimates online, but the final price can increase later on.. Our researchers identified Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight and Sherpa Auto Transport as some of the best car shipping companies in the industry due to their rates, services and customer reputations.. Yes, Montway Auto Transport is a vehicle shipping broker.

Is Sherpa Auto Transport is the right company for you? We're reviewing Sherpa's services, price, customer service and more to help you choose.

Terminal-to-terminal service is not available (exclusively door-to-door) They don’t offer services for transporting boats, motorcycles, RVs, or trailers Don’t offer storage services. Jump to the Sherpa Auto Transport review section that you’re looking for:. Founded in 2017 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sherpa Auto Transport, LLC is a broker that specifically facilitates the transportation of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.. The initial payment is made via credit card after they secure a carrier, and the balance is payable directly to the carrier upon the vehicle’s delivery.. BBB Complaint TypesNumberSales or Advertising0Collections or Billing0Deliver-Related Concerns0Warranty or Guarantee1Product or Service Problems3 The Sherpa Auto Transport company is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) licensed auto transport broker authorized for hire to transport motor vehicles.. Customers and provide an accurate initial quote.

Check out tips for shipping your car, how much it costs to ship a car, what factors affect pricing and how to prepare your car for shipping. Read reviews for our top three car shipping company picks.

To reach our final decision for the best car shipping companies, we looked into things like licensing and insurance information with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which issued a consumer advisory regarding car shipping companies .. Several companies ranked relatively high on our list, and our top four picks stood out in these categories: eShip for great online quote, Sherpa Auto Transport for most accurate quotes, Ship Your Car Now for great international flexibility, Ship A Car Direct for affordable options and AmeriFreight for honorable mention.. Example Car Shipping Costs Vehicle TypeCost2019 Toyota Yaris (Economy)$947-$1,9602019 Chevrolet Malibu (Midsize)$955-$1,2452019 Chrysler 300 (Fullsize)$955-$1,2452019 Toyota Rav4 (Mid-size SUV)$1,038-$1,3702019 Chevrolet Suburban (Large SUV)$1,120-$1,5892019 Porsche 718 Cayman (Luxury Sport)$947-$2,4502019 Ford F-150 (Truck)$1,185-$1,6691938 Cadillac LaSalle (Classic)$1,045 Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost Car Condition – If the vehicle isn’t in running condition, expect to pay around $100 if the car has no steering or braking power and between $200 to $500 if the vehicle has to be winched or moved via forklift.. After our evaluation, we chose the four best car shipping companies: eShip, Ship Your Car Now, Ship A Car Direct, AmeriFreight.. Ship Your Car is known for flexibility regarding shipping time frames and shipping options.. According to Ship Your Car Now, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to transport a vehicle by ship, and anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 to transport it by air.. Unlike most other car shipping companies, Ship A Car Direct does not charge upfront fees and payment is not due until the company has confirmed the vehicle pick-up information with the carrier.. The six main things that affect car shipping price are location and distance, type of car, condition of the car, open or closed transport, the current fuel price and time of year.


Der Transport Ihres Fahrzeugs kann teuer und zeitaufwändig sein, daher lohnt es sich, sich die Zeit zu nehmen, den richtigen Autotransporter für Ihre Bedürfnisse zu finden.. Die meisten Kunden haben eine positive Erfahrung mit dem Autotransport, und die Bewertungen von Montway Auto Transport erwähnen die Pünktlichkeit, die schnelle Kommunikation, die Erschwinglichkeit und die problemlose Lieferung des Maklers.. Das Autotransportunternehmen hat auch auf Trustpilot eine Bewertung von 4,5 von 5,0 von mehr als 950 Bewertungen erhalten.. Ist Montway Auto Transport ein Makler?. In unserer Bewertung der besten Autotransportunternehmen im Jahr 2022 haben wir Montway Auto Transport die Auszeichnung für die beste Verfügbarkeit verliehen, basierend auf der Erschwinglichkeit, den hohen Bewertungen des Kundenservice, dem Serviceangebot und den garantierten Abholterminen.


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